Nutrition, Museums & Italy


Italy in five weeks. Seems like a lot of time right? Well, I am going to do my very best to take advantage of every possible second I have here in Italy and will do so with the help of my two classes.  Studying abroad specifically allows you to travel and see the world around you, but the opportunities are infinite.  It specifically challenges you to stretch your abilities to apply current knowledge to real life and also draw insight from your surroundings. Sounds pretty educational to me! 🙂 One of my classes, Mediterranean Diet and Culture, will focus on the background, culture and sciences of the diet and lifestyle we will experience while in Italy.  The second course, Interdisciplinary Field Seminar in Italian Culture: Ancient and Medieval Italy (ITAL 681) concentrates on the similarities, differences, and importance of museums, monuments, and memorials in the world around us.  ITAL 681 began with a unique experience to the brand new museum of science, MuSe, in Trento, Italy and an archaeological museum right here in Ascoli Piceno.  The classes will continue to connect the course material to the resources in the area.  Week by week each class will challenge us in the classroom Monday through Thursday and allow us to reflect and explore Italy on weekends.  My personal excursions will include a weekend trip to Rome and also the Amalfi Coast.  Stay tuned!

Find out more about what the UNH-in-Italy program and other UNH COLA Study Abroad programs are up to on their facebook page!


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