The journey

Day 6.  San Martino di Catrozza.

The first day in the alps I woke up barely able to open my eyes.  I rolled out of bed dragging the blanket with me as I walked over and squinted out the window…


Yep, right from the hotel room!  The dolomites stretched high into the sky and the air was cool and crisp. I quickly changed my clothes and went down to breakfast with the group to begin the day with a hike up the mountain. My roommate and I had made a pact that we would make it to the top and there was no other option. After the class made a couple group stops along the way to catch our breath, enjoy the view and take an infinite amount of pictures – I was ready to get moving. We had a goal to meet, no exceptions! I found myself standing in the mountains about… m high in ITALY more worried about getting to the top instead of taking in the beautiful country around me.

I have now come to realize, I have adopted the needy feeling to go-go-go like many other goal-oriented Americans. Although this mind set can be an advantage, it is important to not miss out on the journey.   While here in Italy one of my goals is to learn from the relaxed Italian lifestyle and remember to “stop and smell the roses”.


Hiking routes in San Martino


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