Food & Friends in the Kitchen

In the apartment in Ascoli, a couple of my classmates and I have taken on the challenge to cook for our selves. The first couple nights were a bit of a struggle to make exactly what we were planning for, but practice makes perfect right? To start we all took a trip to the town markets and local cheese store in Ascoli. Between five of us girls we combined our groceries and got in the kitchen together. For appetizers we sliced the amazing gouda cheese and paired it with fresh bread from a bakery downtown. Using our own creativity we put together our own basic recipe of a veggie-loaded pasta dish. The mixture of sautéed veggies consisted of garden-fresh tomatoes, spinach, snap peas, and red peppers. We then combined the assortment to cooked penne and also threw in chicken for some protein! Our basil flavored, nutrition-packed success was simply delicious.

Here’s some proof!
image (1)

As delicious as our final product was, there were definitely some bumps along the way. The majority of us have never really cooked on a gas stove before. Getting used to the way the pan heats was hard in the beginning. But, with some test runs and teamwork, we ultimately got the hang of it! Usually I choose to cook solo, but with everyone involved in the process, it was great to exchange cooking skills and tips. Like one big happy Italia family, we sat around the table and enjoyed each other’s company!


2 thoughts on “Food & Friends in the Kitchen

  1. Hope you share some of those cooking tips that your learned with me when you get home!!
    Miss you and Love you,

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