You know how in Boston you pass by a Dunkin Donuts every block? Well in Italy, it’s the same exact way here, but with Pizza places! Most sit down pizzerias expect each person to order his or her own pizza. The one-size pizzas offered here are about 14 inches, thin crust, and have a million different topping combinations! Many of the options on the menu were unexpectedly delicious. The thin but soft crust I have experienced at every pizza location is the perfect base for any recipe. My favorite pizza thus far was a salami and arugula white pizza topped with shaved parmesan cheese. Skeptical at first, I ordered it anyways and was blown away.

In my opinion, you haven’t tasted real pizza unless you’ve tasted an Italian hand-tossed pizza. The irregular shaped outline is an immediate sign of authenticity.  Here’s a few pictures to give you a virtual taste:

Not only have I tasted my fair share of pizza here, I also hand tossed my very own! As a class we went to a local restaurant in Ascoli where the chefs shared a couple of their qualified secrets. With the use of 00′ flour and my expert tossing skills I have to say I make a pretty good pizza dough! Take a look at the newest professional pizza maker in action-

10350520_686081308127272_2501102552925351397_n                10524590_686081281460608_6385331070324292101_n




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