12 cities, 2 classes and 5 weeks.

Venice, San Martino, Trento, Ascoli Piceno, St. Benedetto, Rome, Offida, Sorrento, Capri, Positano, Pompeii, and Grottammare. (Out of breath? Yeah, me too.)

After 12 cities, 2 classes, and 5 weeks my summer in Italia has unfortuantely come to an end.  The studying, the travel,, and all the culture has created a whirlwind of an adventure I will never forget.  Every single moment of my experience here has been absolutely amazing.  I knew I would have a blast, but I never thought I would take away so much from the trip.  Not only did I see some of the most beautiful and inspiring places in the world, I learned so much about this country and myself. In the beginning I was worried about not being able to see everything I wanted because my top priority was schoolwork. Granted I did spent a lot of time in the classroom and studying, it turned out the program helped me see Italy for all it is worth.  My professors introduced me to the Italian language and culture, allowing me to participate in their lifestyle right from the beginning.  Learning about their diet and where it came from influenced to incorporate many of their customs.  For my other class, I was assigned to sit down and sketch different scenes around me, which forced me to observe everything from social interactions to the beautiful architecture. My choice to study abroad was the best addition to my undergraduate experience I could have asked for.  I traveled around a gorgeous country expanded my nutrition knowledge of an foreign culture, learned about my strengths as a person, and took A LOT of selfies- what more can you ask for?

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To learn more about traveling Italy- click here!


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