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On the second to last day of class the Mediterranean Diet and Culture class to a field trip to Grottammare.  After about a 30 minute bus ride up the windy roads we arrived at a local vineyard named Le Caniette. On our personal town by the owner we learned why wine is stored in oak barrels and saw the vineyard’s very own wine storage.  We learned that his philosophy was to focus on the growing of the grapes instead of the wine making process itself.   The tour also included a wine tasting of the vineyard’s homemade wine.   We were brought to an open room that overlooked the valley of the vineyard and were given a taste of four different wines.  The owner himself poured each glass for each and every one of us.  As each wine was poured, we tasted as a group and then discussed how each one was made and the expected flavors.  Obviously the wine was delicious, but my favorite part was the authenticity of the experience.  My professors, my classmates and I all were basically the only people at the vineyard and we were extremely welcomed by the workers. The owner was excited for us to be there and wanted to share everything about Le Caniette.


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