My Happy Place



“Vorrei un cappuccino, per favore?” translates to “Can I have a cappuccino, please?”

Pretty sure I got that question down perfectly after the first week of living here. About four weeks into my trip I can say that I have tried my fair share of cappuccinos, but it is always the best at my favorite place in Ascoli Piceno, Club Kave. The sweet waitress makes my roommates and I delectable cappuccinos as we sit outside under the big white umbrellas in the beautiful Piazza del Arringo. Whether working on class assignments or hanging out and relaxing, I love being in the center of town watching people pass by going about their day. Right next to the café is the coldest, most refreshing drinking water that splashes out of two fountains in the middle of the Piazza. It is by far the best water I have had in Italy-even better than bottled water! At the café, and all over Italy, I noticed that the pigeons are very friendly. They walk and fly all over the place, including right underneath your chair and directly above your head. While sitting down relaxing I have had to duck from one flying right at my face! I know even once my trip has ended the smell of fresh coffee and Nutella filled croissants will always bring me back to my happy place in Ascoli, Club Kave.


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