Mi chiamo Christine!


Who am I, you ask?

Well to start my name is Christine Albertelli and I am currently studying abroad in the small town of Ascoli Piceno, Italy. This fall I will be starting my senior year (AHH) studying Nutrition and Dietetics with a minor in Psychology at the University of New Hampshire.  Italy has always been a dream destination for me and now I can’t believe it- I’m here! For a total of five short weeks I will be physically living in, studying and exploring the grounds of my own heritage.

About Will Travel for F00d

Although this blog is one of the educational pieces on my trip, I am eager to document and share my journey with you all.  One of my goals is to discover my creativity and the beautiful country of Italy simultaneously.  Pictures say more than words, but words and pictures tell all. My posts will highlight the five weeks in Italy with pictures, descriptions, and stories about all the wonderful food and history I can possible share!

So join me, and we can explore Italia together!


P.S- I am a newbie blogger (if you can’t already tell). So please let me know if any links, pictures or anything else won’t load!


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